Pit Registration

You will need to complete a Pit Registration Form for each boat that you plan to enter in the race. You will also need to fill out a Taxpayer Identification Form (W-9) and email it in too. If you have more than one boat, you will only need to send us one W-9.
PLEASE NOTE: You are still required to register for the race through Lucas Oil
Click Here to go their site

You can download the W-9 Taxpayer Identification Here…(PDF)

To Register for a Pit Location for the ASN race, you can either fill out the form below or download the 2014 ASN Pit Registration Form Here and email back to us.

NOTE: If you would like to be featured in our Event Program please submit your Bio along with a photo preferably of yourself not the boat for consideration. Deadline for consideration 6/28/14.

If you have any questions feel free to contact:
Jesse Shackelford – Pit Director
706-306-2332 cell
706-504-4205 fax
email Jesse

Boat Registration Form

Please fill out the form completely for proper registration.
( * )Fields Are Required

*Are you a first time attendee of the Augusta Southern Nationals?

Please provide the Main Contact Information(Owner) for this registration. (The Main Contact is the person listed on the W-9 Form)

Main Contact Information:

*Are You?

Company Name


Address 2


*State *Zip
*Main Contact Email

*Main Contact Phone Number

Driver Information:

*Same As Above?
Driver Name


Address 2


State *Zip
Driver Phone Number

Driver Email

Boat Information:

*Boat Class

*Boat Name

*Boat Number

*Overall Hauler Length
*Open Boat or Enclosed Trailer?

*Do you need a tow person?
*Do you need a tow vehicle?
*Do you need a RV/Camper Spot?
- Length ft.

*Will You Participate in Night Of Fire?

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