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About Drag Boat Racing • Drag Boat Classes • Drag Boat Safety • Talk The Talk Drag Boat Lingo

A Run – A timed pass down the track.
Alcohol – Pure methanol.
Big End – The last 25% of the timed track
Blown – Supercharged, when air is actually forced into the motor by means of a compressor.
Break Out – When a boat runs faster than their dial-in time.
Bye – A single run, usually earned by virtue of top qualifying speed, a no-show, or a broken boat.
Christmas Tree – The starting system lights, stacked vertically at the starting line.
Dial-In – This is the elapsed time you think your boat will run.
Nitro – Nitromethane
Holding Rope – The initial holding area on the water where the boats wait their turn to run.
Injected – A method of inducing fuel into the engine under pressure.
In Ramp – The initial launching area.
Out Ramp – The outloading area, after a run is made.
Perfect Light – .000 reaction time.
Pits – The area where the boats are assembled when not in the water.
Reaction Time – The time it takes a boat to travel from the holding rope to the starting light.
Red Light – Indication of disqualification, usually by leaving the starting line too early or not adhering to rules.
Starter – The person who gives the boats the green light.
Time Trial – A timed run to determine qualifying position.
Un_Blown – Not supercharged.

Race Staring Sequence

1. During both qualifying and eliminations the following sequence will occur:

Course Is Closed – Solid Red Lights Are On
Get Ready Warning – Amber Lights Start Flashing
Get Set Warning – After ambers have flashed for 20 seconds, they will go solid for 5 seconds. (This is a 5 second warning to the drivers that the 9 second countdown will begin.)
START THEIR PASS – After the 9 second count, the amber lights goes out and the green light comes on.

2. The starting line objective is for the boat(s) to have left the holding rope area and be at the starting line when the countdown is completed and the light turns green. Should a boat cross the starting line before the green light is lit, a red light will be automatically activated signifying a "red-light" (foul start).

3. If a boat fouls or breaks out of an index class during eliminations, it is out of the program, unless its competition has failed to fire or is disqualified, the competition must cross the start line under engine power within 5 seconds of the lead boat in order to win the round.


About Drag Boat Racing • Drag Boat Classes • Drag Boat Safety • Talk The Talk Drag Boat Lingo